Work With an Attorney After a Hit And Run Accident

Our attorneys at XCMG EU have a great deal of expertise assisting with and prosecuting insurance claims involving hit-and-run drivers.
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Collecting the Evidence Needed to Pursue a Hit and Run Claim

Identifying Details

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you need to gather information and proof as soon as you can. It is preferable to put it on hold until things get better if you don't think you're in a position to do so or if the opportunity has already passed.


A city's principal thoroughfares almost all have traffic surveillance cameras installed. Checking for video proof on these cameras is one of the best ways to demonstrate your innocence, particularly in hit-and-run instances.


The best way to get evidence from witnesses may be to speak with passersby and neighboring store owners. You can gather their contact details and declarations and present them to the court or the insurance provider.

Investigating Hit and Run Accidents

Our expertise, ability, and experience help victims of hit-and-run accidents around the nation receive compensation for their damages on a daily basis.
Take urgent measures to demonstrate your innocence if you are not
at fault in an automobile accident.

Talk to eyewitnesses

There can be a disturbance around whenever an accident happens. Obtain information from them to demonstrate that you are the case’s victim.

Do not admit fault

Keep your statements to facts that do not implicate you, and let your lawyer represent you when speaking to parties.

The easiest way to recover compensation for your losses if there are significant damages and losses is to hire a road accident attorney.

Hire our attorney since they will be able to perform research, gather evidence,
and be aware of the court’s requirements, making it simpler for
you to demonstrate your innocence.

Latest Blog Posts

Hit and Run Cases

How to Prove Innocence in Hit and Run Cases

Facing the wrath of a car accident can be a traumatizing experience, especially if you’re not at fault. It can be tricky, tiring, and daunting to prove your innocence. However, with subtle tactics, the task can be made slightly easy. If you’re stuck in a car accident and you’re not at fault, in this article, we have mentioned some immediate actions you can take to prove your innocence.

Finding the fault

Before you claim no-fault car insurance, it is essential first to determine the intensity of the situation and understand who is actually at fault. An insurance company will compensate for the damages caused to your vehicle if you’re not at fault. However, if you’ve proved otherwise in the later stages of the case, you can lose the claim. In such cases, you can provide evidence to the company, stating your case.

Collecting evidence

Depending on your injuries’ intensity, you must collect evidence as soon as possible. However, if you think you’re not in the position to do so, or if the ship has sailed, it is best to stall it until the situation improves. Even in such cases, the venue of the accident plays a significant role in determining your innocence based on other factors like the placement of the vehicles, the road and weather conditions, etc.

Checking the cameras

Almost all major roads in a city are installed with traffic surveillance cameras. One of the great ways to prove your innocence, especially in a hit and run cases, is by checking for evidence on these cameras. You can retrieve CCTV recordings which can work better than photo evidence. Using these recordings, you can also retrieve the driver’s license plate number and other additional information.

Speaking to witnesses

Speaking to witnesses

Whenever an accident occurs, there is a possible commotion around. Gather information from them to prove that you’re the victim in the case. Talking to nearby shopkeepers and bystanders can be the best way to collect evidence from witnesses. You can take their contact information and statements and produce them for the insurance company or the court.

Obtaining police reports

It is one of the most worthy pieces of evidence that holds weightage in the court or with the insurance companies. A police report generally contains the following:

  • Precise information about the type of vehicle involved in the accident.
  • The police statement on the person at fault.
  • Other necessary descriptions.

If the report is in your favor, it immediately proves your innocence in a hit and runs cases.

Hiring attorneys

If there are extensive damages and losses, hiring an attorney specializing in traffic accidents is the best solution to retrieve compensation for your damages. It will also be easier to prove your innocence with the help of an attorney, who will conduct research and procure evidence, and know precisely what the court demands.

Knowing traffic rules

In addition to the above steps, it is also imperative for you to know the traffic rules, which will instantly help you determine whether you’re innocent.


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